“…in the eternal dance of shade and light, live beyond me…” “Please daddy, don’t go…”
A desperate cry in the night. Jake strongly holds an old radio on his chest: it’s battered and it usually croaks incomprehensible crunches, but sometimes, that noise caresses Jake's ears with his father voice, Mr Doubt. Crossed by shadows, man is an insensitive puppet.
The Shade controls people’s mind in a worldwide reality show.
Mr Doubt and Faith, his wife, dream about a new flow to escape from this dystopian existence, but their wishes wreck with their lives.


1. Hail to The Sun
2. Prelude to Unconsciousness
3. Hereafter
4. Waking Dreams: Spectre of Twilight
5. Danse Macabre
6. Elysian
7. Waking Dreams: Swing of Lights
8. Silent Notes
9. Whispers - Interlude I
10. The Fall

1. Aeons
2. Standing on the Horizon
3. Ashore - Interlude II
4. Land(E)Scape
5. Soundscape
6. Sunset - Interlude III
7. The Nightbringer
8. Circus Oblivion
9. At the Gates of Dawn - Interlude IV
10. Ashes of the World

1. Zero 
2. Fragile Sun - Icy Silence
3. The Dream - Reality
4. Regression to Infinity
5. After The Snow Has Fallen

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