After "Standing On The Horizon" (2004),
Soul Doubt decided to move completely in the progressive direction, including keyboards and symphonic arrangements.
In these renewed musical orientation, in 2010 born Winter’s Tale,
a 40 minutes concept EP of progressive & experimental music, brought to live scene across 2010 and 2011.
Back in 2017, the official release of their upcoming new concept album "The Dance Of Light And Shade.

At the end, a circle is just a polygon with infinite sides...

Never listen to something only once. 
Always look twice.
Combine the flavours you don’t like.
Never wait for things to change, or they will change you. 
Never settle on the impressions, search for the pattern.
Find all the truths, choose the only One you live in,
and follow it to the bone. Be your true self,

…and then you will reach the end, and you will stand-up.
You will behold the infinite, and it will be forever...